"The great success of Adalberto radic including in the virtuosity of its musicians and singers.The orchestra plays with great strength a traditional son(...) as a meringue... "

El Universal, México.

Adalberto: Harmony is mine, but the rhythms are from the people.”

Boston Sunday Globe, USA.

" We can ensure that Adalberto Alvarez y su Son can make dance until the stones."

La Jornada, México.

" Adalberto Alvarez, manages to reconcile with a remarkable skill and artistic talent, the most genuine of the popular, the lyricism of traditional trove  and the contribution of academic music learned in his student years. Adalberto designs, creates and exploits without fanfare the potential sound of his musicians. Hence, perhaps, it appears much success. Join sobriety to the creative authenticity. It manifests itself with the most genuine spontaneity and freshness of our popular Cuban music"

Frank Fernández (Pianista concertista), Cuba.